Sunday, January 29, 2012

9 Holes - Golf and Cards in Perfect Harmony

And we're back.

It has been a very eventful and busy past few months for us here at CloudApp IT, LLC.  The best business news to come out of the past 3 months is our newest app, 9 Holes, is now available on the App Store!  It replaces a card game that my wife and her family were addicted to.  They'd wear out decks of cards all the time playing an 8 card golf game.  Now they are addicted to the app!  It has already paid for itself because there is no more purchasing and repurchasing of decks of cards.  Here are some features of the app:

2 - 4 players
Play against the computer or other people
Customized graphics to take advantage of iPhone 4/4S retina displays
Optimized for iOS 5.0+
Keeps a history of 20 high scores
Intuitive drag and drop controls
And more...

My wife and I made a little tutorial video and posted it on youtube.

We're really excited about this app.  We love to play it and we hope you will love to play it too!  Click the link below to check it out on the App Store.


  1. Yes, I played this game on my tablet! I liked it, I would not like many more fields than nine

  2. I like your site an dthat would be so cool to get the game that will relax me.


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