Monday, September 17, 2012

Swirlz Has Been Released

Help Swirlz defeat HypnoDoc and rescue his monster friends!

CloudApp IT in association with Dream Saga Productions introduces their new addictive game, Swirlz. Gameplay is simple. Just throw the colored orbs to their matching color before they reach the end of the path. Master the game by getting huge orb sequences, and compete with your friends to get to higher levels. Spend 30 seconds or an hour playing this innovative new game!

Story Mode - Complete missions to rescue each of your monster friends.
Quick play - Jump right it and play! Get coins and get new high scores.
Achievements Board - See your high score and all your other stats.
Shop - Buy special items that you can use in the game. Earn more coins through gameplay to buy more.
Go Pick it Up at the App Store


  1. Right on. I love the artwork on this app. Awesome monkey, monsters, and villain! Makes my bus rides much more enjoyable!

  2. Yes, not a bad app! But I think you can add more levels and complexity that would be more interesting

  3. It is the thing that I am interested in. I would love to get the things that like that.


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