Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What's New in Google Apps?

Google is an amazing company.  The speed at which they come out with amazing, cutting edge software is incredible.  They provide the most comprehensive suite of applications in the cloud that I know of.  The Google way of doing things is something that I am in awe of and hope to emulate in some of my own endeavors.  To take some task or idea and simplify it to the point where it is intuitive to use, yet still very powerful, is Google's forte.

Keeping up with all of the latest and greatest features of Google Apps is not easy.  Many people ask me questions all the time about new features they notice in Gmail or Google Calendar.  The beauty of having these applications living in the cloud is that you and I are always on the latest release of the software.  These powerful, new features are instantly available as soon as they are ready for prime-time.  The move to the cloud eases the burden on IT departments everywhere.  Time and resources saved in pushing updates to all of your organizations' workstations alone can add up quickly.  But how can we stay on top of all of these updates that Google is offering?  Google has taken that complex task and simplified it the Google way.

What's New in Google Apps is a new website dedicated to letting us know about the new features in Google Apps.  It provides resources for staying on top of everything Google Apps including a release calendar, update feeds, release guides, and materials for users to get accustomed to the newest features.  This is a great place to visit often to see what is going on in the Google Apps world!

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